Daytona Beach Solar

Daytona Beach, is an amazing place to go green and save money by taking advantage of the sun’s free energy! Sundial Solar Services, LLC specializes in the repair and installation of Daytona Beach solar panels throughout the area and more. We offer multiple types of solar power technology including, but not limited to, solar pool heating, solar attic fans, solar electric, and solar hot water. With the rising cost of utility bills, solar energy can give you the energetic independence you need to offset these high prices.

Imagine swimming in your pool all year-round! Sundial Solar offers the very best solar pool panels that can at least double your swimming season with our awesome, energy efficient solar pool panels! Add light to your home without high utility costs. Sundial Solar offers tubular skylights, more commonly known as sun tunnels, that use Daytona Beach solar energy to brighten your home.

Another great money saving service we offer is our solar powered attic fans. These solar attic fans reduce humidity by drawing in cool air from outside. keeping your air conditioning system and ductwork cool and energy efficient. Our Daytona Beach solar attic fans come with a full 25-year warranty! Here the sun is always shining so extend the life of your roof, cut down on utilities and get yourself a solar attic fan today!

The sun is always beaming in Florida, so why pay high utility prices for hot water? Save money and the environment by installing one of our incredible Daytona Beach solar hot water systems! These solar water heaters can reduce your utility bill approximately 30%! Check out all of our system types below to find which will help you to become more energy efficient. Our Daytona beach solar systems have a “return on investment” of as little as 2 years. Contact us today to get a free in-home solar consultation.