How much does where you live affect the effectiveness of your solar panel? While the select few are lucky to live in the sunshine state, Florida still does have its dreary, overcast cold days. So, this leads to the most common question for this time of year: “Do solar panels work in the winter?”

Solar panels are popping up everywhere, from residential neighborhoods to business commercial applications. Now local authorities and electric companies are getting on the bandwagon as well. 

The answer to this is pretty simple. Yes, most definitely, and some of the reasons may surprise you. Don’t let the winter weather discourage you from going solar. Interestingly enough, winter is a great time to go solar. According to EnergySage marketplace data, the winter is typically the best time to get the lowest quotes due to supply-and-demand. Competition is at its lowest which, in turn, affords a lower cost to the consumer. 

Clearing Up Solar Panel Myths

  • Cold temperatures will actually improve solar panel output. The white snow can reflect light and offer a larger predicted energy yield. The only time one may have decreased energy would be in cases of heavy snow build-up on the panel itself, which can easily be swept off.

  • Ironically, Florida’s winter months are the perfect recipe for utilizing solar power. And when we have a burst of cold mixed with our warm sun, like most electronics, solar panels work to their best ability.

  • The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) ranks Florida, California and Arizona as the best places for solar power, with Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York coming in in the top 10. So the main reason for this is high electricity rates during the winter months in cold climates. These are the most populous areas of the fastest growing solar power accounts.

Consider Making The Change to Solar This Winter

We learned in today’s blog that the winter season may just be the best time to get the best value for going solar. And yes, solar panels work in the winter and very well, might we add.

If you are considering a possible change from traditional power usage or have any questions, contact Sundial Solar Services today. We can get you a quote for your electric power needs. We have the best rates to set you up with high-quality solar power.

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