New Smyrna Beach Solar

Sundial Solar Services, LLC loves the quaint little beach town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The sun always seems to be shining in NSB. Because of this, we offer great solar options in this laid back beach town. Many of the locals are very kind, care about the earth and going green, which is another reason that Sundial Solar is eager to let you know about all the solar energy products that we offer. Utilizing solar power is an incredible way to help the environment, your home, and your wallet!

Whether you are looking to bring some extra natural light in your beach home by adding a tubular skylight (also known as sun tunnels) or after an evening walk hop into your solar heated pool and spa, we can help achieve these practical goals. Solar pool heaters are a very cost effective alternative to heat pumps and gas heaters.

Using your existing pool pump, or switching to a new variable-speed, energy efficient pool motor (saves you even more money), we can divert your pool water through our solar pool heating system where it is circulated until your desired pool temperature is reached. When your solar pool heating temperature is reached, the solar controller turns off and you can hop right in, or already be swimming as it is heating.

Sundial Solar’s New Smyrna Beach solar pool panels are the best in the market, and we back them with the best solar pool warranty in the industry. Solar pool panels are an incredible way to maintain your pool’s temperature, and there are many other amazing ways to use solar energy in New Smyrna Beach.

A New Smyrna Beach solar attic fan will protect your roof while it helps cool your home. Our attic fans offer an inexpensive way to go green and save money. What can be better than that? Well, how about eliminating your electric bill entirely? Our New Smyrna Beach solar electric systems may sound too good to be true, but we promise you, they are the real deal!

The money that you save monthly will pay for the solar electric, until you pay them off completely. After that, you will have no electric bill. You may even earn utility credits! Solar energy and our solar electric panels (photovoltaic aka PV system) can offer you freedom from a monthly utility bill all while helping the earth, raising your home value and more! Click to see why our systems are better than the rest.