Port Orange Solar

“Unique by choice, not by chance” is the Port Orange town motto and with a variety of events and gatherings Port Orange offers, it’s easy to see that its residents have a lot of heart.

Sundial Solar is proud to offer its services to such an awesome town. The sun is always shining in Port Orange, and if you have a home or business here, we invite you to consider what solar panels can do for you.

Sundial Solar Services, LLC offers only the best solar energy technology on the market to date. Even though most of the homes in Port Orange are placed in sunny areas, don’t be hindered if you live under shady trees as we are able to place our solar panels in a variety of different ways in order to best benefit you.

Let us double your swimming season by making sure your pool/spa isn’t just an unusable feature in the cooler months of the year. Our solar pool panels have a 12-year warranty and are the best solar panels on the market! These solar pool panels ordinarily use your existing pool pump and will not add any electrical load or demand then you normally use from filtering your pool.

Did you know you can use solar energy to heat your water. Our solar hot water heaters save Port Orange homeowners at least $50 monthly compared to traditional methods of water heating.

We service and repair existing solar hot water heaters regardless of make, model or age. Whether your solar water heater was installed 30 years ago or just last week, we have all the tools we need to keep your solar investment operating in top condition to save you money for years to come.

Another great money saving service offered is our solar powered attic fans. In most homes, using one or two solar attic fans is enough to cool down your attic. These solar attic fans draw in cool air from outside reducing humidity, moisture and heat keeping your air conditioning system and ductwork cool and energy efficient. Our solar attic fans come with a full 25-year warranty! Here the sun is always shining so extend the life of your roof, cut down on utilities and get yourself a solar attic fan today!

Our solar electric panels, or photovoltaic panels, can run your home’s electricity using only the sun’s free and natural solar energy. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Every day large amounts of the sun’s energy land on your roof. The solar panels will convert the sunlight into usable electricity thus taking advantage of a free and natural energy source. Call for a free estimate today (386) 214-6867.