At Sundial Solar Services, we make sure our clients are informed with all the necessary details of maintenance involving using solar energy. Some people looking to switch to solar power may feel they won’t be affected by power outages, due to the fact they no longer rely on their electric utility company. Most believe their solar panels will be enough to last them through hours or days of blackouts. However, it’s important for you to note that if you will be switching to solar, you need solar battery backups in case of power outages.

Also, without a battery system to store the power, the more power-consuming appliances won’t be working for you all through the night. We highly recommend installing this battery system on your property along with a full solar panel installation.

Sundial Solar Services is committed to ensuring that you’re getting the best quality products without the hefty price tag.

Why Use Solar Battery Backups?

A lot of property owners have full-setups of solar panels on their roof or yard. The abundant energy these panels convert from the sun during the day could be plenty, but without backups, a lot of energy is going to waste. Even though you’re not paying for the power from the sun, you can’t use any excess solar power at night or on cloudy days. When you have solar battery backups attached to your panels, then you’ll experience the closeness of being independent of the public electrical grid.

State lawmakers and utilities are even making provisions to be able to sell this excess power back to the grid when meeting certain conditions. If you have a completely separate solar power generating system, such as when the battery is not connected in combination with grid electricity.

Sundial Solar Services is fast becoming the leading solar backup battery provider in Volusia County. We consistently provide the highest quality solar products and our solar backup batteries. Not only will you be able to store your excess generated solar energy, but you’ll also be better prepared during power outages. Solar backup batteries will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family will have a reliable power source even in times of disaster.

An Excellent Investment

Solar backup batteries are an investment that will pay for itself in the long run. Sundial Solar Services offers backup batteries guaranteed to be most efficient and best in quality. Even though these are an added cost to your solar panel installation, you may rest assured your money is going somewhere worthwhile.

Use Your New Solar Backup Battery in Conjunction with Our Other Solar Products

Sundial Solar offers solar panel services, installation and repair. We work on all types of solar equipment in the Daytona Beach and Volusia County area. Our products include solar panels, solar lights, sun tunnels, solar water heaters, solar AC, solar attic fans, and many more.

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