Solar Electric/ Photovoltaic Modules We Offer

It can be overwhelming as a homeowner to choose the right solar panel to fit your needs. When it comes to performance, affordability, warranties, and efficiency there are many factors to be weighed.

Not all solar panels are created equal. Below you will find product information on some of the current solar modules we are installing for homeowners and businesses. Keep in mind this isn’t a complete list of modules as availability and products change on a daily basis. If there is a certain brand or module you are interested in then we can probably get it for you.

Check out our super high-efficiency solar panels and high-efficiency solar panels. A few things to consider are budget and where the solar is to be installed. Most of the time when comparing the two modules side by side is the overall size of the panel.

A higher efficiency module is usually smaller in size. If you have a relatively small area and want to get the most power in the given space the higher efficiency modules would be your best option. If the mounting area is not an issue we can provide more power by using slightly lower efficiency solar panels. Call today for a free consultation (386) 214-6867.