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There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream recently about alternative energy, specifically solar. And, for the most part, we’re actually seeing solar panels popping up in many familiar places. Alongside highways, in rural areas, and downtown metropolitan cities, and even on your neighbor’s homes. 

It goes to show that solar is truly making its mark as a viable energy alternative. At Sundial Solar Services, in Palm Coast, we are making our mark on the community while sustaining the environment.

As the leading experts in the Palm Coast area, Sundial realizes that many people are still trying to figure this renewable energy thing out. As a homeowner, you want this new wave to benefit you and your bottom line. Everything else aside, this is what makes or breaks most people’s decision-making track. We understand that. Rest assured, your ROI is at the forefront of what we do, and the inherent value of a solar installation makes it all more than worth it.

Renewable Energy with Sundial Solar

We understand that new technology can be somewhat daunting. This is why Sundial will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Once you call on us for a consultation, we will send out our highly experienced technicians to discuss the ins and outs of solar and what we can help you with. We will walk you through every step starting of the design and installation. We will also handle all local permitting and requirements. 

We are a full service company that makes customer service its highest priority. As proud members of the renewable energy industry, our mission is to maintain high standards of design and workmanship. Our work ethic is unmatched in our industry and we hold true to maintaining energy efficient, environmentally friendly systems. Our combined years of experience in the field outmatches our competitors at every step along the way.

When you work with Sundial, you get a company that lends its loyalty and precision to every job we take on. With 100% customer service satisfaction, our technicians and staff are more than ready to be there for you every step of the way. Want to learn more about how to save money in your home using solar panels? Not to worry – we wrote a whole article: “How do solar panels work for your home“!

Sundial believes that who we are reflects who we employ. As our technicians are the best trained in the area, we strive constantly for expert work in our field of renewable energy. Since it’s an ever changing world, this industry is always evolving to offer the latest and greatest opportunities to our clients. Our technicians and staff are continuously studying up and receiving the best continuing education possible. You can feel confident that the experts working with you are the best in the business. 

Sundial only works with the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers. While we hold our own staff and technicians to the highest standard, we also hold all external companies to the same level. We are continually looking to improve our process by offering the latest products and services to you, our customer. 

We strive to deliver on our mission to be an agent of positive change in our world by making renewable energy understandable, accessible, and affordable to our customers. It’s this proud tradition of industry work that puts us at the top of our game as leaders in this industry.

Our Vision

In every project we take on, we intermingle these five primary values: Quality, Value, Choice, Expertise and Education.  These are the visions of a successful business, when realized and utilized at every turn, making it a win-win for both you, the customer, and us, your trusted service provider.

Our Mission

  • To promote energy efficiency and conservation, with high-quality, accessible solar panel installations. Better energy alternatives should be available to everyone.
  • To facilitate production and storage of renewable energy. Not enough home and business owners understand the real potential they have to generate and use electricity more efficiently.
  • To mitigate and, overall, lower the cost of energy production and usage for consumers. Better, more efficient energy usage is available and we are glad to be able to deliver this alternative.


Making the call to move away from what you’re used to is a big decision. You need someone with their hands on the wheelSolar energy is what we do, it’s what we know, and how we can change the traditional into the better. We make ourselves available for consultations to set your mind at ease because, ultimately, we understand solar energy installation is a big commitment. 

For a closer look at this technology or just to ask the questions you’ve been waiting to ask, call us at (386) 214-6867. At Sundial Solar, we are here for you. Contact us today to see how solar energy’s benefits will positively affect you in your home or business office. We can get you on track to saving more and helping the environment at the same time. 

5 reasons you want solar panels in your home

Flagler County’s Leading Solar Installers

We are proud of our position as the top-rated solar installation service in Palm Coast and the surrounding Flagler and Volusia County areas. Bringing our combined experience in residential and commercial solar installations to Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange areas has cemented us as the household name in solar installations. 

The Benefits?

As recently as 2012, the U.S. solar market grew by as much as 76%, overall. This is the best time in recent history for solar installations. But why are so many homeowners choosing to “go solar”, anyway?

  • Thousands of Dollars In Potential Savings: Installing solar panels in your home has the potential to generate monthly savings in excess of $100, depending on which state you work in.
  • Short Recovery: Choose to pay in cash, and your payback period is likely to be less than ten years in many cases.
  • Increased Home Value: Buying a home with solar panels is attractive to buyers because of the reduced electricity costs. Solar panels increase the value of a house for sale.
  • It’s A Safe Investment: Utility companies use fluctuating electricity metrics that can be hard to figure out or predict. Solar actually gives you more control than traditional electricity.
  • It’s Better For The Environment: The environmental benefits of a solar installation are as important as the financial, for many of us, and for good reason.
  • Tax Reductions: As federal, state and local tax exemptions for solar energy production become more common, more homeowners are embracing this technology.

Don’t Wait To Switch

We never know what will happen in the future, but if the last few years are any indicator, we will only see alternative energies skyrocket further into the mainstream. Also, public service rates are only set to rise in the near future. First and foremost, it’s important to act while you have the chance to save a little money. Lower your electricity rates by installing solar panels and utility companies can keep their sky-high electricity bills. Solar not only reduces monthly bills, in the moment, but keeps them low in the months, years, and decades to come.

Sundial Solar works to improve local communities with high-quality solar energy equipment. Since our inception, we’ve grown along with the industry by leaps and bounds. And we want to continue growing with you. 


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Our Solar Company Reviews

Joan from Palm Coast wrote: We were very skeptical with this new solar thing, but our neighbors and friends from all over the country kept telling us we needed to check into it for our home. We have quite a large property and our electric bills to heat the entire house is getting harder and harder to pay on fixed social security. So my husband and I googled the internet and found Sundial Solar. We called and had a brief conversation on the phone with a nice gentleman. So later on that week, they came to the house (arrived on time which never happens), and really spent time helping us understand why we needed to do this and how it would help our bills. We are so incredibly happy with Sundial that we now try to spread the word to our local friends and family whenever we can. We have had our system up and running for about eight months now and would never go back to anything before. Thank you Sundial Solar. One Happy Customer!

Eddie from Daytona Beach wrote: I’ve always been somewhat of a novice environmentalist and knew that I would be going solar soon enough. I felt like now was the time and it had caught onto the public enough that costs would be minimal. Now, with going thru the entire process with Sundial, I wish I had not have waited to do this for my home and my family. Sundial only confirmed, with their knowledge, what I had studied up on over the last few years, which really surprised me. It’s a good feeling when you know you’ve hired the right people, and you feel no guilt. I’ll say this to anyone on the fence: don’t wait. If you’re feeling uneasy, just call them. It’s a big change but it was all worth it.

Robert from Palm Coast wrote: I have two words: call Sundial. Easy process, stress-free, just like they said it would be. Already, I’ve lowered my electric bills. And it’s a really cool conversation piece on my roof. I highly recommend.

Our Solar Services

Didn’t find the answers you were looking for here? We actually have a page full of answers to the most commonly asked questions about solar panels which you can check out. Then, get in touch with us at (386) 214-6867 to find out more about our services.

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