Palm Coast Solar

Palm Coast is a rapidly developing city that is located right next door to Sundial Solar’s Ormond Beach home location. Palm Coast is bursting with an abundance of pools, spas and, of course, sunlight, making it the perfect landscape for a solar pool heater. We offer the best solar pool heating panels at an unbeatable price. If you have a pool and aren’t utilizing solar energy, you are missing out! Sundial Solar’s Palm Coast solar pool heater will at least double your swim season.

Our solar pool panels allow the sun’s free solar energy to heat your pool all year long which saves you money if you are using an alternative heating method. As everyone who lives in Florida knows, the sun produces a lot of heat! Why not take advantage of this free, natural solar energy by heating your water? Our Palm Coast solar hot water systems can save you money and help you go green. On average, a solar hot water system will reduce your utility bill by 30%.

As everyone who lives in Florida also knows, the sun is bright! Why not brighten your rooms with a solar skylight (also known as a sun tunnel or tubular skylight)? Sundial Solar’s tubular skylights allow you to light your home for free using the sun’s solar power. Free yourself from the rising energy costs completely by investing in a solar electric system. You can power your entire home by using our Palm Coast solar electric system (also known as PV system or photovoltaic).

Palm Coast homes are usually perfectly set up with plenty of roof space, perfect for Sundial Solar Services’ solar pool panels, solar hot water heater, solar electric, solar attic fans, tubular skylight or one of our other energy efficient products. Get swimming today or start saving with your solarized home today. We provide a free in-home evaluation for any Palm coast solar system that may appeal to you. We come out to your home immediately after scheduling an evaluation and provide you with all the knowledge and material you may need to see your savings or extend your swim season.

All Palm coast solar pool systems are backed by our industry leading 12-year warranty! All our Palm Coast solar electric systems are backed by our 25-year warranty! All of our Palm Coast solar water heaters are backed by our 10-year warranty! All of our Solar attic fans and solar skylights are backed by a 25-year warranty as well! Did we forget to mention we also repair and service all existing systems regardless of age?

Check out our promotional online solar coupons to save even more. Or check out our solar brochures to get a more detailed look at your new solar options.