At Sundial Solar Services, we look for creative ways to help you use renewable solar energy to realize long-term savings and benefits. Solar water heaters are one of the best investments to achieve this objective. Over the last several decades, Solar-powered products have improved dramatically. Staying on top of them to see which ones are most beneficial to our customers in Daytona Beach, and the surrounding area. One of our products that many people continue to make great use of our solar water heating systems.

Solar Water Heaters are a Great Investment

Solar water heaters have one of the highest return on investment for all solar products. Often times these systems will pay for themselves in just a few short years with the money you save on your home energy bills. This is due to the system’s efficiency and ideal for reducing water heating costs, and are generally maintenance free.

It’s estimated that 30% of your home heating bill is spent heating water for bathing, washing clothes, doing dishes. Imagine if you could do a large portion of this heating for a fraction of the cost to pay your utility supplier. when properly installed, you can expect to save 75%-90% on your water heating cost.

  • $350  —  Average Monthly Power Bill
  • $105  —  Monthly Water Heating Cost (30% of Power Bill)
  • $94.50  —  Cost Savings
  • $255  —  NEW Power Bill

How do we know these solar devices work so well? It’s because of over 20 years of results from those we have installed them for. That’s the type of knowledge and experience you get when you choose Sundial Solar Services.

What is a Solar Water Heater and How Does it Work?

Heating water with the sun for bathing and other purposes is not exactly a new concept. As a matter of fact it’s been done since ancient times; the Romans used crude solar water heaters to heat their famous bathhouses.

Modern solar water heaters have gotten a lot more sophisticated to say the least. A setup consists of a solar collector (Usually a black mat with thin tubing that water runs through), a hot water storage tank, plumbing lines and a temperature control mechanism.

Most solar water heaters are mounted on your rooftop. It’s not unusual for larger homes to have multiple solar water heater setups on top of them. Cold water from your home slowly enters into the solar collector where it picks up the heat from the powerful rays of the sun. This heated water then travels into the hot water storage tank where it remains warm until needed.

It’s Easy to Get Started!

Getting a new solar water heater has never been easier or more affordable thanks to Sundial Solar. Let us help you find the perfect product for your home or business. We have many different models to choose from and as we mentioned before we can even install more than one for you if your home or business has a large hot water demand.

We perform installations for Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Deland, New Smyrna Beach, and the surrounding areas. We even offer a package deal to will save you money when you combine a new solar water heater with one of our other solar products.

Call Sundial Solar Services at 386-214-6867 today for more information on how a solar water heater or other solar product we sell can save you money on your home utility bills and make your home a little greener at the same time. Our solar products are a fantastic way to help yourself and lower your carbon footprint on the earth.

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