The installation of solar panels is one of the sectors of the Florida market that has increased supply in the recent years. As it can happen in a growing market; the more options for selling solar panels, the greater the probability of having an unsatisfactory experience. With the following tips, we’ll help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right company.

Prior to the Installation of Solar Panels, the Company Must Send you a Personalized Quote

Remember that a system of solar panels is an investment for life. Be cautious with companies that offer “quotes” according to plans and packages. This simply is not the most appropriate pricing structure for this type of product. It is better to take into account the companies that request your electricity bill, because they will guarantee a budget for you. They will study the history of your energy consumption and the location of your home or business, to design a system that meets your requirements.

We also recommend analyzing the cost per installed kilowatt and the return on your investment. If it’s too good to be true and the price is too cheap, it’s simply not the best option. The price/benefit ratio must be realistic. Generally, up to 5 years, is a reasonable return on investment period.

On the other hand, consider requesting recommendations from the companies you are evaluating. Also, asking for suggestions from friends or trusted folks who already have a solar panel system. You can also review opinions in social networks, forums and other digital channels, since clients usually publish their experiences, whether they are satisfactory or not.

Know the Quality of Service and Product of the Companies you Have in Mind, Prior to the Installation of Solar Panels

You can tell if the solar panel companies you are evaluating offer products of the best quality, through the review of technical specifications, reputation of the brand and the guarantees they offer. Ask them for all the information and study it closely.

Often, many manufacturers of solar panels seek to reduce costs in production, so they end up compromising the quality of materials in the manufacture of the product. To choose brands of solar panels, many companies are governed by certain standards of quality or financial strength of the manufacturers.

Finally … Always Ask Any Questions You Have Before the Installation of Solar Panels

When choosing any supplier of solar cells in Florida, apply our last advice: always ask the least concern you have even if it seems silly…you simply never know.

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