When it comes to solar energy, some companies just can’t compete.

Sundial Solar Services: We Know Renewable Energy

At Sundial Solar, we give our clients the tools they need to embrace energy efficiency. From high-quality renewable energy systems that provide the highest possible ROI, to expert advice on exactly the right installation for you. Because, ultimately, if we don’t believe a system will actually benefit you, it makes no sense to push forward with it. Your property will benefit from solar energy – you just need the right system to get you there.

Florida’s Leading Solar Energy Pioneers

We walk you through the design and installation process so that you will feel confident that our full-service process is unmatched in the industry. Everything is taken care of, including all permitting and local requirements, so that you will have a stress free experience with your custom designed solar project.

As proud members of renewable energy industry, at Sundial Solar, we’ve made it our mission to maintain high standards of design and workmanship. And it’s a work ethos that really shows in our final product. From our expert staff, to the skills, experience and resources we have on hand, we have what it takes to create truly energy efficient, environmentally friendly systems.

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It’s all part of our commitment  to the sustainable energy movement and our commitment to excellence. Combining our many years of experience with high levels of skill, the best results are a given with Sundial Solar.

When you make superior workmanship your mandate, like we have, a tradition of quality is bound to follow. You see that at work in our products, especially when compared to the competition. Every step of the way, we are hard at work keeping up with our partners, products and training, working toward the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

And the best part? We lay out the the technical stuff is our problem. We guide you through the process so you feel confident in our abilities and what we’re about to do has no comparison in the industry. It takes care of everything, including all local permits and requirements, so you have a stress-free experience with your custom designed solar project.

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Our Solar Installers

Sundial Solar technicians are trained to the highest standards the industry has to offer. It’s our belief that choosing the highest quality products leads to the longest, most efficient usage over that installation’s lifespan. But you need the expertise to install those products properly. You need a highly qualified and experienced team to ensure your installation gets the care and attention it deserves.

When you go with a professional like Sundial Solar, you’re making the choice to side with the best in the industry. We provide the highest levels of customer service and professionalism across the life of your product. 

Our energy technicians are among the most qualified, experienced solar systems installers anywhere in the industry. We train our consultants to the highest standards accepted anywhere in the US solar industry. 

And Sundial Solar is growing, every day.  It’s our investment into quality people and are continuously innovating to improve our processes, influence manufacturers and suppliers to provide better value, and are broadening our integrated and focused portfolio of products and services so we can continue to deliver on our Mission to be a positive change agent in the our world by making renewable energy understandable, accessible, and affordable to our customers.

And Sundial Solar is growing. It is our investment into quality people and our continuous innovation that allows us to continue expanding our portfolio and services. And it’s that proud tradition of industry work that puts us at the top of our game as agents in this world-changing industry.


  • To promote energy efficiency and conservation with high-quality, accessible solar panel installations. Because better energy usage should be spread as far and wide as possible.
  • To facilitate production and storage of renewable energy. Because not enough home and business owners understand the real potential they have to generate and use electricity more efficiently.
  • To mitigate and, overall, lower the cost of energy production and usage for consumers. Because better, more efficient energy usage shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.


  • Quality: Above all else, we prioritize high-quality components and top-notch installation. If you’ve got quality, it paves the way for everything else to come.
  • Value: We bring the inherent value of your solar installation to the forefront.
  • Expertise: We aim to bring real professionalism and experience to every job.
  • Education: These are technical installations, and we require our consultants and technicians to be properly educated and trained before starting work.
  • Choice: With more solar products to choose from, there’s always an option for your precise needs.
Solar Installation process


A solar energy installation is a big commitment. There’s a lot to take in, and more than a lot to learn if you want to take full advantage of it. For a closer look at this tech or just to pick the brain of an industry expect, call us at (386) 214-6867. At Sundial Solar, we live and breathe solar energy, and would be happy to go over solar energy’s benefits in your home or office.


Solar Company Award

We are proud of our position as the top-rated solar installation service in Daytona and the Volusia County area. Bringing our combined experience in residential and commercial solar installations across Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange and Palm Coast areas to bear, we’re the last word in solar installations.

The Benefits?

As recently as 2012. the U.S. solar market grew by as much as 76%, overall. This is the biggest moment in recent American history for solar installation work. But why are so many homeowners choosing to “go solar”? 

  • Thousands of Dollars In Potential Savings: Installing solar panels in your home has the potential to generate monthly savings in excess of $100, depending on which state you work in.
  • Short Recovery: Choose to pay in cash, and your payback period is likely to be less than ten years in many cases.
  • Increased Home Value: Buying a home with solar panels is attractive to buyers because of the reduced electricity costs. Solar panels increase the value of a house for sale.
  • It’s A Safe Investment: Utility companies use fluctuating electricity metrics that can be hard to figure out or predict. Solar gives you more control than traditional electricity.
  • It’s Better For The Environment: The environmental benefits of a solar installation are as important to many of us as the financial, and for good reason.
  • Tax Reductions: As federal, state and local tax exemptions for solar energy production become more common, more homeowners are bringing this technology into their houses.

Don’t Wait To Switch

Benefit of Solar Energy

Public service rates are only set to rise in the near future so, first and foremost, it’s important to act while you have the opportunity to save some money. Lower your electricity rates by installing solar panels, and utility companies can keep their sky-high electricity bills. Solar not only reduces monthly bills, in the moment, but keeps them low in the months, years, and decades to come.

Sundial Solar is working hard toward improving local communities with high-quality solar energy equipment. Since our inception, we’ve grown from strength to strength, and we are only just getting started. 


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