When it comes to solar electric systems, there can be a lot of phrases and names you might not understand. Here are the top Solar Panel FAQs.

What are Solar Power FAQs?

  • Is solar power green?
  • What does photovoltaic mean?
  • How do solar panels work?
  • What is a solar array?
  • Is a roof necessary?
  • Is a solar electric system really worth it?
  • How can Sundial Solar help you?

Is solar power green?

The production of solar power, under any circumstance, is completely clean. The process is completely carbon free; a stark contrast in relation to the fossil fuels we use that account for 84% of energy production in the US.

Although the process of building solar panels has been known for using fossil fueled energy, its production in recent years have proven cleaner and more efficient than ever!

What does photovoltaic mean?

Truthfully, the word photovoltaic has a simple meaning. It simply refers to the conversion of light into electricity by conducting materials that have a photovoltaic effect.The photovoltaic effect is what gives us the ability to transfer light into electric current. The standard photovoltaic element used in solar panels is Silicon.

How do solar panels work?

When the photovoltaic effect occurs, electrons are emitted from some of the silicon atoms, which then create an imbalance of negative and positive atoms that create the electric field we need to produce an electric current. The positively charged silicon atoms attract the electrons, but as photons are constantly emitting electrons, positively charged atoms are constantly accepting electrons which creates an electric current.

What is a solar array?

A solar array is not really an interchangeable term. In fact, its a term that refers to one aspect of a solar electric system. The solar is only the part of the system that controls the transfer of light to electrical energy.

Is a roof necessary?

Now, roofs are usually the most optimal  place to put solar panels, but that doesn’t single them out. Ground mounted panels are also available. You may choose a ground mount if the space on your roof experiences shade for most of the day.

Is a solar electric system really worth it?

The answer is obvious: Yes! For a good many reasons. Not only does a solar investment guaranteed to save you a heap of cash in energy costs, the initial investment is also heavily reduced. The Federal ITC offers a 30% tax credit to anyone who installs a solar electric system in the year of 2019.

How can Sundial Solar help you?

Sundial Solar is your local solar powered friend. With our dedicated team, we commit ourselves to helping families and saving the environment one house at a time. Call us or visit our website to secure your lifetime energy investment!

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