If you are trying to maximize energy conservation and savings with your solar array, there are two things to  consider: “How much power is it putting out?” and “How long big does the array need to be?” Luckily this is not something you have to worry about. Here at Solar Sundial, we will provide the optimal amount of power that is consistent with the size of your home. How do we do it?

What is a solar array?

A solar array does not actually encompass much of everything that goes into fully functioning balance of system. Instead the solar array is comprised of photovoltaics, or solar panels from which the sun’s energy is converted into electrical energy. These parts can be placed on the roof or on the ground as a ground mount.

Ground mounts are usually placed when access to the roof is impossible, or there is a need for more energy output.

How many Panels does it take to power a home?

While it is highly dependent on the number of panels converting the sun’s light to electrical energy and the amount of energy needed to power the house, the number of panels also relies heavily on the state’s average for power consumption. Florida’s average power consumption per house is around 1,000 kWh. The average solar panels produces around 300 kWh to 350 kWh.

However, the size of the panels matters a lot, as they are each panel comes with a certain area of solar cells which are responsible for taking in the sun’s energy. Fortunately, over the years solar panels have become more energy efficient, producing more energy per cell. This effectively makes the size of your house of less importance when looking for the most optimal solar array.

Solar Panels. It’s what we do. Visit Sundial Solar today to see how much you could be saving in energy costs!

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